Mill Road Capital focuses on investments
in high quality, publicly traded
micro-cap companies.


The Greenwich area is rich in U.S industrial history. The water mills located along the Byram River in Greenwich housed the second electric generator produced by Thomas Edison and the first electric lights in the area. The sight of night-shift workers in the lit building was so novel that the mill became a tourist attraction.

In 1899, the mills were bought by the American Felt Company, and Greenwich became the largest and most diversified manufacturer of felt in the country. The American Felt Company achieved a dominant share of felt for hats and pianos, and their mills literally provided the power to make it happen.

Over our history, we have made significant equity investments in over 40 public companies and in addition have taken private the largest independent advertising agency in Canada, the leading North American provider of cheese products for people with special nutritional needs, San Diego's leading local restaurant chain, and the largest producer of container-grown forest seedlings in North America.